Yesterday and Today

So yesterday was the Lebanon Spring Formal, put on by the very large and quite amazing Lebanon homeschool group. Since we have wonderful friends up there (we being Austin and I)and since we poor little homeschooled children have no opportunities to dress up all fancy for prom or homecoming, we decided to go.
I am not a primping girl who likes to dress up. Cargo pants and a t-shirt are my best friend. It takes me five minutes to get ready in the morning. But when I put on that pretty little green dress and those pretty little pearls and mom put my hair up with a pretty little flower....I liked it. It's a good feeling, feeling beautiful and elegant. It doesn't happen that often. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those girls who is always whining about how "ugly" I am. I honestly never think about it. I don't think, "Gee golly am I gorgeous" and I don't think "Oh I'm so hideous" when I look in the mirror. I just think, "Hey look, it's me."
Anyways, back to the whole dance thing. We took Shelby with us (for those of you who don't know her, she's my American best friend.)
We went to this park where we took pictures with all those beautiful people who I have grown to love. It's amazing how far I have come from that girl who hated everything and everyone in America. Now I stood in a group of these wonderful, fun, loving people who share a mutual passion for God's world and I felt like I fit in with them.
We all took pictures together and for the poor girls in the light dresses and shawls, it was freezing. It is not supposed to be this cold in May. The guys, however, were fine in their suits and tuxes. But we got our revenge on them when we got the the dance though.
It was an English Country Dance, which basically means we danced old Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice dances. It sounds geeky but it is so much fun. I've gotten addicted to it. We have one in Rolla every month. It's funny, because dancing these dances can make even the most uncoordinated oafs (like myself) look graceful.
It was so hot in the building and with all of the skipping and whirling and twirling, I warmed up quickly.
So I wasn't asked to dance at one point, and I thought it was a dance I didn't particularly like so I sat down only to hear them announce the Virginia Reel. Ok...that is my absolute second favorite! So I got up and searched for someone. All of my male friends were dancing. So I went to the doorway where all of the silly boys were standing against the wall, looking all cool, and forced one of them, Zech, to dance with me.
The Virginia Reel is *so* much fun if you dance with the right person, and Zech was definitely the right person! There are always these really serious chaps who feel like they are Mr. Darcy or something and say things like "Might I maintain eye contact with you throughout the dance?" or "I must lead you off of the dance floor, Miss."
They're no fun. Zech was fun. And tall. I am always taller than everyone.
The dance didn't end until 11:00 then we went to Sonic and left for home at midnight. Didn't get home till one. It was so worth it though. It was the perfect night. I am so glad to have that opportunity and the moment I get pictures, they'll go up.

So today wasn't that interesting compared to yesterday. I had a headache and a small fever so I wasn't in the best mood ever. But there is one thing I feel like I need to share about today.
There was a soldier named Bradley Melton who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan and he was a resident of Rolla. His body was brought home today, and the entire town came out to line the streets and wave flags to honor his return. As the procession passed I saw a veteran with tears in his eyes and a hand over his heart, I saw a man in military fatigues saluting, and I remembered why I am proud of the flag that was being waved all along the highway. I am not always proud of what America stands for but I am always proud of who stands for America and I feel blessed to have uncles and grandfathers who serve and have served this country because they have the utmost sense of honor and duty. I am honored to be protected by them and I respect each and every one of them. And I think everyone should feel that way.
Did you know that there are men and women from a church- A CHURCH!- coming down to protest the funeral on Tuesday??? They are saying that God killed him because he hates soldiers and that this man is going to Hell. I hate that...I HATE that! How could they be so cruel as to say such evil things at the funeral of a man who died serving them?! And in the name of Christ! If you ask me which one reflects our Savior- the One who served us and died for us- more, it would be this soldier and *not* those horrible, despicable "Christians".
It makes me so angry that people would be so inconsiderate to put a family who is already in agony through any more pain. If they do show up, I have half a mind to join those bikers who guard the funeral from protestors. 
I just don't understand the hatred and the brokenness of this world. This day has been an emotional one in many ways. 
My last words for the day....Rest in peace, Bradley Melton. I am thankful for your service. I am sorry that others do not appreciate it....Forgive them for they know not what they do.


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