Another Day in "Paradise"

I feel the need to write something. I started writing about the fact that today is a bad day and I really want to go home and how I want to hold on to the pain because I want to hold on to the African essence of me, etc. But then I decided that I didn't want to be that pathetic blogger who is always whining and sobbing over things. No one wants to read that all of the time. So this is what you get today.
                              My Wish List
#1- I wish I was technologically savvy. I hate having *no* idea what I am doing.
#2- I wish my eyes were greener.
#3- I want a wombat and an elephant, and a peacock.
#4- I really want to get published
#5- It's my dream to play Eponine on Broadway...or at least somewhere.
#6- I want to travel everywhere.
#7- I wish I could work for National Geographic
#8- since 7 won't really work out, I want to be a photojournalist with a mission. I want to show the "modern world" the real world.
#10- I want to have coffee with Tolkein, Lewis, Poe and Barbara Streissand
#11- I want coffee in general
#12- I wish I had an Irish accent. Or a man with an Irish accent.
#13- I want to learn how to fly a plane. Or at least have a man who can fly a plane. ;)
#14- I wish I could eat anything and lose weight in the process.
#15- I really want attieke right now. >_<
#16- I wish I could end poverty, find a cure for AIDS and cancer and heck, even stop Global Warming while I am at it.
#17- I wish American churches weren't so political and corporate.
#18- I wish I had a *really* nice camera
#19- I wish I spoke fluent Gaelic.
#20- I wish I could time travel
#21- I wish I could dance better
#22- I wish I could play piano and/or cello...I'd settle for guitar
#23- I wish advanced math and science were not mandatory for education
#24- I want to fly
#25- I want to be a mermaid or a faery...or an elf. At least for a day. Or two. Or a month.
#26- I wish I had a million and one dollars to spend at Hobby Lobby, World Market and Borders.
#27- I wish I could stop wishing.
#28- And lastly....I really really really want to go to the beach. I want to sit on the warm sand and watch the sun rise over the waters as the waves sing to me.
I was planning on posting some of my favorite pictures I took at WAMR (West African Missionary Retreat) two years ago, of the beach...but do to the lack of technological savvy I so wish for, I can't make it work and it's 12:00 at night. Why is it I always end up posting the day after I start writing??


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