No Better Time Than The Present

Why start a blog now? Well....I don't know. Maybe it's because it's a perfect in between time. I can reminisce about old times, think about how they affected me but I can also dream about the future, muse on what I am going to do with the rest of my life. 
Maybe it's because I can talk about the way I feel, about how much I miss my home and the people who raised me and not feel like I am suffocating within the ever-shrinking borders of a rural Missouri town. I'll admit, I still feel like that sometimes. Like I'll die if I can't get free again, but then again I have my good days.
I am writing this blog to inspire, (at least I hope to inspire) some of you to think differently. To see the world through different eyes.Like Jane Evershed said
"To read is to empower, to empower is to write, to write is to influence, to influence is to change, to change is to live."
And if I don't empower or influence or change you in any way, then hopefully I at least make for some good reading.  

Those of you who don't know that I spent the past 11 years in Ivory Coast, West Africa should really not be reading this blog. Seriously, it's kind of creepy.
Those of you who do know that I was an MK in RCI, have fun getting to know me better if you even read past the first sentence.
However, if you're really interested, if you actually really want to know what I am thinking, feeling, remembering, aspiring to at random times then go ahead, keep reading. Be prepared for some random recounts of my travels and my experiences. Be prepared to read some of my spouts of poetry and spectate while I untangle the messed up jumble in my abnormal mind.
Ladies and gentleman......welcome to my world. Prepare to be either dazzled or bored to death with the wonderings and wanderings of a restless soul.


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