Summer Summer Summer

Here I am sitting in my little room eating chocolate lava cake and homemade ice cream.....Life is just too hard! But these are my last few hours in luxury. Come 7:00 o'clock, Camp David of the Ozarks officially owns my entire summer. (well, almost, anyways)
Am I excited? Of course I am. I love it at Camp. Camp was pretty much the saving grace that kept me from drowning last year. If I had thought of blogging earlier, you would probably have been sick with my gushing of how wonderful it is, and how fun it is, and how close to God I was, and how fun the people were...etc. etc. etc. is the catch.
I'm exhausted.
There is nothing else to it. It's been a stressful year with most of the stress piling on these last few months and I just don't feel like doing this now.
I know I will change my mind when I get there, with all of the awesome people and the excitement of doing something important. I am going to have an absolute blast this summer. And I love what CDO stands for, and what they do.
It's not like a church camp that rich little kids attend just to find their boyfriend or girlfriend of the week. It's a real ministry towards kids who really need it and it feels good to be doing something missions related again.
I am the first to admit that if I stayed home this summer I would be running around doing a million and one stupid things to entertain myself, not making a difference anywhere. So I am ready for Camp.
I am just going to miss my family alot. Believe it or not, I really like them (most of them anyways!)

So this is the last time I am going to be on for a while. I'll try to get you some up-dates over the weekend. So....Gypsy out.


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